E.coli O157 & Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome

Abattoir cuts, despite 25% failing to meet hygiene standards.

28th February 2017

Research carried out by the Observer newspaper and the Bureau of investigation published earlier this month, reveals that in 323 abattoirs audited in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), 86 of them failed to meet the key benchmark test.  All handling and processes from slaughtering to dispatch are supposed to be conducted in a way that avoids the contamination of meat and offal entering the food chain.

The research also reveals that a Meat Hygiene Inspector blew the whistle on contamination reports, which were deliberately falsified to cover up poor Hygiene. He believed this posed a threat to the public and his complaint was upheld due to a breach of the Civil Service Code.

At this time, the FSA are considering reducing the frequency of meat inspections at abattoirs etc. Perhaps the basics of meat hygiene should first be observed, before implementing a change that has already demonstrated appalling results.

Whilst we thank the whistleblower for protecting public health, such an act should not have been necessary, considering the FSA claim to be and open and transparent organisation which is supposedly a beacon for other Government departments in this area.

We would also like to thank the reporters, Andrew Wasley and Josh Robbins, for conducting this invaluable research and bringing it to public attention.

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