E.coli O157 & Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome

Water contaminated for second time at Welsh holiday park

5th October 2012

Council chiefs say E.coli has been found in the water at an Aberdyfi holiday park for the second time in around 12 months.

In May last year, residents and holidaymakers at Plas Panteidal were unable to use the water for drinking, cooking, cleaning their teeth or making baby food or ice for four months after a routine investigation revealed it was contaminated with E.coli.

A concerned resident who did not wish to be named said that a holidaymaker took a sample of water to be tested. He said: "Once again the residents and holidaymakers at Plas Panteidal holiday village, Aberdyfi have found themselves at peril with unsafe drinking water supply, despite being assured by the land-owner Philip Muddiman that he has completed extensive work to upgrade the water system to comply with the required standards."

He added: "Letters have been sent from the council to chalet owners, but some properties are rented so the letter will go to the landlord, and some are holiday chalets. To have E.coli in the water twice in 12 months is so bad. It doesn’t look good on Aberdyfi."

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