E.coli O157 & Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome


HUSH - A Poem


This was written from the heart by Janette Cheadle

HUSH my baby, don’t you cry,
You are suffering from a bug they call E.coli,
I’d never heard of it, no-one explained
Why my baby almost died and suffered great pain.
The stress for all the family simply cannot be measured,
We watched the life drain away from our greatest treasure.

The doctors in the hospital took six days in which to act,
No treatment .. No painkillers .. No information.. Not one fact.
Diagnosis should be quicker, no-one should suffer pain,
And the Government should ensure this won’t happen again.

You could say we were lucky, our son did survive,
Each day we thank God that he’s still alive.
For there is no known cure but someone’s gift of their blood,
Luckily helps stem the disease and turns bad into good.

I never wish to see anyone else suffer like this,
Which is why the setting up of HUSH is like an angel’s kiss.
No help was available for us—there was nowhere to go.
Now we can talk to each other and let other people know.

So HUSH all you children and don’t you cry,
Together we will beat the bug they call E.coli.

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