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29th October 2017
The drugs trial for Eculizumab known as [ECUSTEC} started in July of this year. Six of the twelve participating hospitals are now open to recruitmen.... read article
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September 2012

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23rd September 2012

If you have a mother-in-law, or are one yourself, please help our charity prove that Silence is Golden!  Join in our sponsored silence during the weekend of 17th/18th November. Please download.... read
16th February 2012

The aim of this questionnaire is to obtain information from victims affected by E.coli 0157 to enable us to monitor any ongoing health problems resulting from infection and to ascertain what areas .... read
16th June 2001

In September 2000 a core team was appointed by the Minister for Health and Community Care under the joint sponsorship of the Food Standards Agency Scotland (FSA) and the Scottish Executive (SE) Hea.... read
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